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Simplicity is harder than complexity

How this paradox applies to writing

“I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”

(Photo: Aaron Burden)

Write more simply.

Why writing simply is so hard

The devastating effect of the interaction of water and pollution gases on buildings and civil structures has significant economic importance. Water infiltration damages amounts to about 83% building defect complaints and incurs great financial loss in an attempt to repair these defects. These losses can easily be prevented by applying correct water proofing treatment methods during construction. Water proofing treatment solutions only cost about 1.8% of building costs and would inevitably prevent great financial losses in the future. Due to this economic significance, water proofing treatment solutions have become a necessity for structures, and must be done to possess the following qualities…

The environment is dangerous to buildings. Water and pollution gases, for instance, are responsible for more than 4 in 5 complaints about building defects.

The financial losses from this devastation are preventable, and very affordably so. Available at less than 2% of building cost, water treatment solutions pay for themselves many times over.

Our water treatment solutions are not a cost; they are a protection of a builder’s investment.

What writing simply is really about

Writing simply really starts with THINKING CLEARLY.



Doc Ayomide’s writing: thoughts, questions and observations on hope and pain, faith and love — and being better at being human.

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