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Want to hack being funny? Know this one thing.

Do try this at home. (Practice not included.)

Humour is a skill, and like any skill, it can be learned.

How does humour work?

Humour works via a “switch.”*

Once you understand how crucial the switch is, things become clearer.

The humour is in the switch. The unexpectedness.

So humour should be a simple matter of just doing the biggest switch you can, right?

All that to say: it’s not just the switch that makes humour—it’s the dynamic between the switch and your audience.

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Doc Ayomide’s writing: thoughts, questions and observations on hope and pain, faith and love — and being better at being human.

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Doc Ayomide

I write essays + a weekly newsletter reflecting on what it means to be human and live meaningfully, drawing on insights from psychiatry, Christianity & Apple.