Token Sale Details + KYC Updates

Nick Macario
Feb 17, 2018 · 2 min read
  • . The only official source/website (double check the address)


  • Max cap — $20 million
  • Presale — $12 million
  • Public sale — $8 million
  • Min contribution — .01 ETH

Token prices

  • Private presale — $.06
  • Public sale — $.084
  • ETH peg price — $900

Token transfer

Tokens are received immediately after the token sale is concluded. Tokens are not transferable for up to 30 days.

Private recap

We capped the private sale at $12 million USD and had participation from strong institutional and strategic investors around the world. Every private investor has the same terms.

  • 50% of all tokens locked for 4 months

KYC Updates

We are 90% complete with processing KYC updates, and will complete the remaining over the next 24 hours. Roughly three out of four people who submitted KYC info passed.

  • Dubious information
  • Named on a watchlist
  • Missing information
  • False information

What’s Next?

If you are whitelist approved ( — set your calendar for Feb 21st @ 7:00AM UTC.

  • Do not trust emails — it’s very easy to spoof an email and there are lists of emails from previous whitelists circulating between scammers everywhere.


Verifiable digital credentials on blockchain.

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Verifiable digital credentials on blockchain.