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File 5: Laboratory Notes on D-11 Critical Trials

William P. Stodden
Feb 20, 2017 · 3 min read

The following is an excerpt from the research notebook of Dr. Samantha Gregory, who was working at Johns Hopkins University on the D-11 compound in the summer of 2016. The notes were transcribed on a device known as a handheld voice recorder then fairly popular with academics at the time. The majority of the transcript has apparently been lost- this excerpt, which outlines an important breakthrough in the drug D-16, which was subsequently administered to inmates later in the year, is perhaps the most important section anyway, as far as history is concerned. -ed

[transcription picks up from previous pages, which are lost -ed] … feels that the compound belonging to lot 77–5645ebmd presents the highest probability of resolving the major issues of cell degeneration and immune system incompatibility. The lot, tested on mice in the lab has yielded significant and interesting results. After a period of 6 months, no discernible cell death or organ rejection was noted. Additionally, those mice administered the lot and exposed to a common virus showed immune systems not only uncompromised by the drug, but in fact more capable of fending off viruses than mice similarly exposed to various earlier D-11 lots. Increased immune system counts were also observed. Preliminary observations actually suggest a genetic recoding on the order that scientists have expected, without the negative effects we had been hoping to avoid. Shall begin limited clinical testing as soon as we obtain the permission from HSR, which we expect next week.

160506- Administered one course lot 77–5645ebmd and one placebo DB. No adverse reactions to lot noted in either subject. Will continue to observe.

160513- Observation continues. In seven days, Nurse Hansen will administer the T-cell test to both subjects, and observe for cells which are substantially altered.

160520- Blood test was administered this morning at 0700. Preliminary evidence suggests altered T-Cells and numbers in Patient #09565604, a Mr. John Hendrix. Patient #046753403 exhibits neither T-Cell alteration nor increase in numbers. We will have more conclusive results tomorrow.

160603- Observed Mr. Hendrix for the day. During the day, he exhibited no abnormal behaviors commensurate with patients who were injected with previous lots. Mr. Hendrix verbally expressed a positive mental outlook and lack of anger toward the individual who testified against him. Because his ongoing anger against that person was striking and prevalent, this change in outlook is quite significant. The sample of blood taken from Mr. Hendrix has also yielded interesting results. T-Cell death has been virtually absent in the sample. Additionally, even though no antibodies to virus 504604 were present, when exposed to the virus, the immune system activated immediately, and effectively destroyed the virus. It is possible that Mr. Hendrix will be healthier as a result of administration of lot 77–5645ebmd, in addition to the positive psychological effects. Will continue to observe for 2w.

160617- Met with subject in AM. Strong positive mental attitude noted. It would seem that Mr. Hendrix voluntarily surrendered his cache of pornography to the Nurse, which he acquired upon entry into the program. This is a significant action for Hendrix to take on a voluntary basis. Patient has been fully cooperative and compliant with all instructions, which is a major change to behavior noted pre-treatment. Furthermore, an additional blood test revealed noticeable genetic alteration to cells in the immune system. Leukocyte count is dramatically increased, and immune response is also increased.

160927- Subject Hendrix released to PRF. As of one month of observation by team led by Hansen following treatment, increase in immune response stabilized. Behavior modification also complete. Dr. Swanson concurred with me that lot 77–5645ebmd has produced a D-11 compliant immune system which supports the preferred behavioral modification without injury to the immune system associated with earlier lots. Identical results were obtained by Swanson, Phillips, and Davis at Berkeley, Ravmanajin at Colombia, and Davidovic and Stuart-Smithson in Southern Illinois facilities following successful administration here. There have been no observed side effects of lot 77–5645ebmd compared to those of earlier tested lots. This ends the patient trial file for Lot 77–5645ebmd on Patient #046753403. My recommendation: Stage 2 Trials begin immediately to ascertain the potential for broader dissemination of Lot 77–5645ebmd. Send report to Gong for advisability. High potential for expedited schedule.

[signature] Samantha Gregory, JHCDRC

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