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File 4: Police File from Memphis Tennessee Police Department

William P. Stodden
Feb 20, 2017 · 3 min read

The following account was discovered in the files of the Memphis Police Department. Most of the administrative information on this report was lost in a fire, though the description of the police action remained on the form. This report was created in June of 2021, and is apparently the transcript of an incident captured on a dashboard camera installed in Thomas and Jones’ police vehicle. -ed

At aprox 1724, Officer J. Thomas stopped victim Frederico Martinez and Latino female passenger, identity not determined ATM, east of the corner of Southern and Lamar. Thomas reported on radio that Martinez was driving erratically and had swerved several times into oncoming traffic. Officer Thomas engaged lights and sirens and obtained compliance from Martinez.

As Officer Thomas approached the automobile, Officer Jones observed a physical altercation occurring in the automobile. Officer Jones radioed for backup, while Officer Thomas approached the car. Thomas ordered Martinez to place hands out of the window, Martinez failed to comply, but continued the apparent altercation in the car.

Officer Thomas drew his sidearm and repeated his order. Jones moved to assist on the passenger side. At this time, Officer Jones observed what appeared to be blood splattered all over the inside of the passenger side window. The blood appeared to be coming from a massive wound on the side of Unidentified female passenger’s head. Officer Thomas repeated his order a third time, at which point, Martinez desisted from the physical altercation with Unidentified Female Passenger.

Officer Thomas kept his side arm at the ready, and proceeded to order Martinez out of the vehicle. Martinez appeared to have trouble operating the door. After some difficulty, Martinez appeared to completely remove the door mechanism from the door, essentially disabling the door from the inside.

Meanwhile, Unidentified Female Passenger proceeded to open her door and slowly step outside. Officer Jones ordered Unidentified Female Passenger to remain in the automobile. Unidentified Female Passenger ignored the command to remain inside the vehicle, and instead proceeded at top speed around the front of the car with the aim of attacking Officer Thomas. Before she could get to the Officer, Thomas issued an order to stop, which she ignored.

At precisely 1726, Officer Thomas discharged his firearm, and struck Unidentified Female Passenger in the leg, which incapacitated her and arrested her forward movement. At this point, Martinez smashed his forehead into the drivers’ side window, and proceeded to lunge through the now opened window with some difficulty. Officer Thomas stepped back in response, attempting to create some distance between himself and Martinez and was struck at 1727, by an oncoming pickup truck driven by George Rae Henderson. As Officer Thomas was deflected off of the bumper of Henderson’s vehicle, Martinez has finished escaping from his car and proceeded to attack Thomas at precisely 1728. With his bare hands, Martinez inflicted a mortal wound to Officer Thomas’ neck, severing Officer Thomas’ jugular vein. Officer Jones responded with drawing and discharging at 172830, her firearm seven times into the upper body of Martinez, before Martinez released Officer Thomas.

Due to Jones’ shots, Martinez fell to the ground, and expired before EMTs could arrive on the scene. Thomas died soon after being wounded by Martinez.

The Unidentified Female Passenger, at this point had lifted herself to a kneeling position, and appeared to be attempting to make her way toward Officer Jones. At 1730, Officer Gregory Jefferson arrived on the scene and promptly began to attempt to arrest Unidentified Female Passenger. She resisted arrest at this time, and Jefferson and Jones, with much difficulty, were merely able to incapacitate Unidentified Female Passenger until Officers Green, Doehring, and Kuhn arrived on the scene at 1731 and assisted. Meanwhile, Officer Jones coordinated the efforts of EMT and ambulance personnel as they attempted to revive Officer Thomas and resuscitate Martinez.Unidentified Female Passenger taken into custody at this time, refused to acknowledge Miranda. George Rae Henderson arrested at the scene and taken into custody following reading of rights. Officer Jones to be debriefed.

###DashCam transcript###

end of file

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