Meet the women Fullstack Developers at Doctolib

Mélanie Bérard
Dec 12, 2019 · 5 min read

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Women In Tech conference at Amsterdam and it was amazing! As a Fullstack Developer, I learned so much from powerful and inspiring women, coming from all over the world and sharing stories that resonate with me.

An important realisation came from Evita Stoop. During her speech about tolerance, she said:

“At the speed at which innovation is going, we need to pull people together. That’s what women are great at!”

I find it very true. It inspired me to gather with the other women Fullstack Developers at Doctolib to share some of our experience to everyone. Specifically, I’d like to share who we are, how we started coding and what makes Doctolib a good place to learn and grow in our opinion.

First, let me introduce ourselves!

I work in the Virtual Care team at Doctolib. My team’s goal is to build video consultations in France. And I love that we are creating a brand new product and a new way to access healthcare for both patients and doctors.

What about my female colleagues ?

  • Mélanie Godard works in the patient team, which is the team that deals with the online booking website and where there is an enormous traffic to handle!
  • Mélyna Boniface and Tetiana Shevchenko work in the hospital team which is in charge of developing new features for hospitals and clinics on the agenda.
  • Coralie Collignon and Nerisa Chitrakar work in the Data Business Scale team. This team’s goal is to help Doctolib scale by automating repetitive processes
  • Eva Stolz works in the practice team in Berlin, this team is aiming at building best in class tools and experiences for practitioners and secretaries, particularly using the agenda and connectors.

How did we start coding?

Most of us started coding while we were at University. We all had slightly different experiences, but the common theme was that, at first, we really did not envision ourselves working as Software Engineers. But once we tried it, we all loved it and decided to stay on this track.

Let’s take Melyna for example. She began University with her sights set on the energy sector, but she recalls,

“I began learning coding for the first time, and by the end of the year I thought — which course do I enjoy attending the most? — The answer was straight forward: I wanted to code.”

When we think about coding and software development, we often imagine a job that is going to be purely logical and mathematical, but it is really more creative than you expect.

Melanie G for example used to draw all the time in high school. At first, she was looking for art schools. But after much thought, she decided she wanted to keep drawing as a hobby, and ended up studying at Epita as she had a lot of interest in scientific classes. She didn’t know a lot about programming, but managed to learn really fast. She said,

“I remember thinking it was like learning a secret language for spies.”

Not all of us started coding at University. Coralie got interested in code while working on the website for her own company. She shared

“I thought technical skills were keys to independence. I started looking at how it works under the hood and loved it!”

Like Coralie, Eva also started coding after her studies, and actually made an entire career change. Before Doctolib, she was working in B2B sales for the tourism industry and got into coding through a beginner workshop called Code Curious (formerly Railsgirls).

All of us can agree:

The key here is really keeping an open mind because you might not know you like something until you try it!

Now that you know a little more about us, let’s talk about what makes Doctolib a great place to learn and grow.

Why Doctolib?

Doctolib is a mission driven company in the healthcare sector, many of us are here because we want to change healthcare for good!

Personally, I love working at Doctolib because every day we improve working conditions for Doctors and healthcare access for patients. I think that’s a very noble mission, for which I am happy to wake up every morning.

For some of us, like Tetiana, it was even a requirement in her job search. Her only condition for her next job was that the work should be impactful. She said

“That’s why I chose Doctolib. And today, I’m proud to be a part of this great team!”

Nerisa shares her personal experience as a non-french speaker in France,

“I had difficulty booking appointments with doctors, the secretaries were always in a rush when taking calls.”

Understandingly a bit intimidated by this whole process, Nerisa looked for alternatives.

“That’s when I discovered Doctolib — Coincidentally, I found a job description for a Doctolib position during the same period; I gave it a go and here I am now!”

In addition to the societal impact, we also love working at Doctolib because of the people! It’s a place with a palpable entrepreneurial spirit, where we tackle challenging and interesting technical problems.

“I felt I would learn a lot there,” Melanie G shared “and I found exactly what I was searching for — awesome people and infinite ways to learn.”

Melyna, who spent 3 years in fintech, said

“I wanted to work on a project that could provide me more fun developing (I let you think about fun in a financial software…) I already used Doctolib in my day-to-day life as a patient, but then I discovered that it was a more complex and larger product.”

Coralie sums up what it’s like to work at Doctolib pretty succinctly,

“There is a strong entrepreneurial mindset, everyone has a voice and can have an impact. I like the culture of ‘fail fast, learn fast’ that encourages us to constantly enlarge our comfort zone and believe in ourselves. I find it empowering.”

What’s next?

We’re growing at the speed of light and Full Stack Developers are the core to our success, so I’d be delighted to connect with you to hear about what you’re working on!

In the meantime, look out for women in tech events in 2020 and follow our journey through our docto-tech-life newsletter.


Pour un système de santé plus humain, efficace et connecté

Mélanie Bérard

Written by

Fullstack Developer at Doctolib — Former entrepreneur — Passionate about building impactful products — Monitoring enthusiast



Pour un système de santé plus humain, efficace et connecté

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