Why Doctolib and MonDocteur are joining forces

We created Doctolib 5 years ago with a dual mission statement:

  1. making our healthcare system more human, efficient and connected;
  2. building a French-German company of several thousand people sharing the same humanist values.

Today, I wanted to share with you an important announcement that will help us accelerate the pursuit of both of those missions.

Doctolib acquires MonDocteur, one of the European leaders on the online medical booking market and one of the most successful startups in France. MonDocteur is also a great team of 150 passionate people who managed to build and develop services used by millions of patients and thousands of healthcare professionals.

Why did our two companies decide to join forces?

  • We are bringing our teams and skills together to increase our strength and accelerate our common growth plans in France and Germany. Since day one, we have been sharing the same vision to create the practices and the hospitals of the future and to improve the patient carepath, by working closely with doctors and hospitals. Our new group will include 100% of MonDocteur and Doctolib employees: 600 people today. We will grow to 1,000 within the next two years.
  • Our joint forces will also enable us to provide doctors, hospitals and patients with a more comprehensive software solution and new services. The new group will play a much more active role in the transformation the French and German healthcare systems. To do so, we will triple the size of the technology team, aiming for 250 engineers by 2020 in its two technology centers in Paris and Berlin.
  • The new Doctolib group thereby consolidates its position as the largest ehealth company in Europe. With 55,000 doctors and 20 million patient visits per month on its website and mobile app, the new group is now the most popular platform for online medical booking in the world.

Above all, this decision of joining our forces is fantastic news for our entire community:

It’s fantastic news for both of MonDocteur’s and Doctolib’s teams, who have always been somehow very close and who are now united.

  • I want to say to the teams at MonDocteur that they can be very proud of what they have achieved. Each of MonDocteur’s team members obviously has a role to play at Doctolib.
  • I want to thank and congratulate the teams at Doctolib, who are doing a fantastic job on the field every day, running a marathon, always keeping quality of service as their main guiding principle.
  • I want to say to every employee of the new group that this is an amazing opportunity for their career and personal development. We will reinforce our investments to build and develop a sports team of thousands of key players who share the same values and who are happy to work together.

It’s fantastic news for all the doctors and healthcare facilities who have been using our services for many years and believe in our vision. It is good news for them for multiple reasons:

  • We will offer a more comprehensive software solution and new services.
  • Our teams will grow and will be able to provide a better service every day.
  • Their web referencing will improve thanks to the 20 million visits every month on our websites and apps.
  • They will work with a larger network of doctors: today we collaborate closely with 55,000 doctors and 1,200 healthcare facilities.
  • Nothing will change today. We will keep them posted in the coming months and share the new features with them, as always.

It’s fantastic news for the millions of patients who use the Doctolib and MonDocteur booking platforms. We want to improve the patient care path and access to healthcare. We will provide patients with a new high-end experience.

Overall, MonDocteur and Doctolib decided to join forces to build a ehealth European champion. Together, we will have a greater contribution to the transformation of the European healthcare system, in partnership with our doctors and hospitals.

Joining MonDocteur’s and Doctolib’s forces and teams, we will now write the next chapter of the story we started writing five years ago, in the practice of a dental surgeon and a GP in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris. I’m convinced that this is only the beginning.