Why I’m joining Doctolib

Some of you may already know it: I’m joining Doctolib as CTO.

At the head of a team of 100 French and German tech enthusiasts, I will have one mission: changing healthcare in Europe. Nothing less :)

Why Doctolib?

It’s quite obvious, actually.

First, the company is at the center of an important revolution and maybe the most important one: changing how we access healthcare. Doctolib is a web-based solution and an app that enables people to book medical appointments 24/7. It’s also a medical software that helps healthcare professionals better manage their activity and save lots of time that can then be dedicated to their patients. But this is only the first step. In fact, there is still so many things to be done in order to make healthcare really accessible, efficient and well-functioning, such as simplifying practices and hospitals’ organisations, making communication between professionals and their patients easier, reinforcing cooperation between professionals and, at the end, helping patients better manage their health. Just a few challenges…

Second, Doctolib is at the heart of people’s daily use with 40 000 healthcare professionals already on board and 12 millions visitors on Doctolib every month! Doctolib is already part of my day-to-day experience, of my GP’s, my physiotherapist’s or the nearby hospital’s. What do I like about that? It has a concrete, positive impact to so many… And, above all: everything still needs to be done.

Finally, Doctolib has the resources to fulfil its ambitions. From a simple startup idea launched late 2013, Doctolib grew to become the European healthtech leader in just 4 years. They convinced prestigious investors like Accel, Eurazeo or Bpifrance to get onboard, and raised € 85M. They recruited 400 people and plan to recruit another 200 by the end of 2018. Doctolib launched in Germany, where it’s growing even quicker than in France. And they’re collaborating with healthcare references, such as Assurance Maladie (National Health Insurance), the French Red Cross, or AP-HP (the biggest hospital in Europe, based in Paris).

What can I bring to Doctolib?

I spent the last 20 years leading tech teams in build market leaders such as Expedia, eDreams, Klarna… During that time, I learnt how technology can actually improve people’s life, by helping them build the right trip at the right cost or by removing the hassle from online payments. Thanks to that, I know well what is expected in term of experience, quality of service and how to build it.

In these very demanding environments, where you must question yourself, evolve and progress constantly, I learnt to identify and develop talents. Doctolib’s tech team will double this year. With the 100 best programmers and product managers in the sector, we will work with the latest technical innovations and the most effective systems to make the healthcare digital transition a reality. I am really looking forward to build Doctolib with them

There’s one last thing that I can bring: drive and a sense of purpose. After a long experience in e-commerce, I was really eager to involve myself in a more meaningful and essential adventure, and I truly believe healthcare is the best option. I know it was important for Stan, Jessy and Ivan when they founded Doctolib. It’s also important in my decision to join them now.