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11 Really Simple Holiday Reminders

How to feel less useless in life, especially during the holidays when everyone looks like they’re having too much fun.

Photo by form PxHere (Edited on Canva by Author)
  1. Other people’s Instagram feed is none of your business.
  2. You survived these days last year. Hang in there.
  3. Have your own private party. Invite your pets and plants. Spiders are pets!
  4. Celebrate life’s little wins. You woke up today. You read this.
  5. Breathe.
  6. Close your eyes. Remind yourself to #5.
  7. Go for a run. Don’t run away from yourself.
  8. Make a mess. Then clear it up. Then go to sleep.
  9. Place a fake present under your fake Christmas tree.
  10. Open your fake Christmas present and act surprised!
  11. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Save and print this post where you’ll see it often. Your screen saver is a good option. Yes, absolutely do that.

Additional but entirely optional:

  1. Hide your phone where you’ll surely forget it.
  2. Don’t listen to Mariah Carey. Promise me you won’t!
  3. Only if you must, sing along to Last Christmas (funny).

Last resort: Get WIRED FOR SELF-LOVE (Now available at your nearest Amazon Kindle store).

I have a collection of poems if you could use a smile or two. Go ahead and binge read them here.

About The Author

Hi! I’m Neha, a chai-sipping, yorkie-petting poet, baker, author and wife of one. Not necessarily in that order. If you insist, you can buy me a ko-fi ☕.

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