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Do You Mawde Out At The Sight Of Famous Folk?

So you wanna be a verb

Photo by 润秋 汪 from Pexels

When you come face-to-face with fame do you get so nervous you puke a little into your cuppa joe?

Brushing up against the hem of Margaret Atwood’s skirt do you squeal like Wilbur during his slaughterhouse playtime?

Do you burst into a torrent of tears at the mere sight of Madame Tussaud’s version…




Drop trou and publish your zany, clever, amusing, laugh-worthy stuff in Doctor Funny, a pub that can do nothing for you. Your mother will be so proud.

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Jennifer McDougall

Jennifer McDougall

You want me to WHAT?!? Okay... Editor, Doctor Funny. Satirical takes on all that life chucks my way.

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