Doctor Funny Humpday Checkup

February 15, 2023

Jennifer McDougall
Doctor Funny
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Every camel needs head protection. Alterations from Kristine Laco’s alterations.

Dearest Comrades in the ̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ medical ward,

Happy belated St. Valentine’s Day. I hope the one who makes all the parts of you flutter gave you enough chocolate to slay a whole pack of dingos.

May whatever you received or bought for yourself be better than my daughter’s gift to her brother a few years ago. She handed over a massive heart-shaped box of Lindt. Drooling over the thought of the juicy morsels nestled inside, he immediately ripped it open to discover — she had devoured the innards and filled it with delectable treats from the kitty litter box.

Ah, love sweet love.

Speaking of love, let’s take a look at BichoDoMato’s February prompt. Brilliant.

I’m lovin’ it.*

*Will I be indicted for using that slogan? They might sue me for January’s Medium income — which is almost enough to purchase a McHappy meal!

Link here since it doesn’t seem to be appearing on my phone screen…arrggg…

Enough whining.

Please have some fun and submit your prompt response.

And if you’re a techie deadbeat like me?

You can’t quite figure out how to make Bicho’s prompt work? Try editing a screenshot. Or just ignore the whatever-canva-is part, pick one of the images, and write something — anything — about it!

“Some of us are writers. And some of us are nerds. You simply can’t be both,” sermonized Kristine Laco in our last editor’s meeting.

It was something like that. Or it wasn’t.

My ears work as well as my IT prowess.

Editor Picks

Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier)’s pick

Oscar Rhea scores again. How can you not love it?

“With your feet smelling like deciduous baguettes …”

Link to Oscar’s story.

Kristine Laco’s pick

Don’t tell Uvebruce that I picked his piece. It might go to his head.

Link to Uvebruce’s story.

Jennifer McDougall’s pick

Is it still a rant or a “lecture” if it’s funny?🙂

Link to Karen E Brewer’s story.

New Writers

Please put your surgical-glove-covered hands together for our newest writers, Caleb Coy, MiKe KoRnRicH-Stories,Crazy Phrasies,Poems,Songs, Zoë Kuehn, Ben Ulansey, Daniel Burg, and Miles-Erik Bell.

Enjoy the shortest month of the year peeps.
McDougall out.



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