Doctor Funny Humpday Checkup

April 12, 2023

Kristine Laco
Doctor Funny
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I only feel like one hump tonight, honey.

Hi Interns,

So, wow. I’ve been voted off the island. I know I’ve been MIA for a bit. I see you tagged me, but I’m a total loser who overextended herself.

It’s not you. It’s most definitely me.

This is not a break-up, but more of a break. I’ll still be fiddling with your word babies once per week, but it will be lackluster and you’ll wish you had sent it on the days Philip, Jennifer, or even (gasp!) Michael edits.

I’ll keep my schedule a surprise though, so feel free to send anything at any time. I’ll find you.

Wait. Who’s this Philip you speak of?

He works like this:

Nice manicure. Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Makes you feel like this:

Stop reading and clean those teeth already! Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash

But smells like this:

Is that a donut? I’d grab that before the rat does. Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Moving on, since I was going nowhere except to the closet to cry. He already introduced himself, but if you missed it, you can check it here.

What to write, when you got nothing

This month’s prompt is something to do with goats. I’m not sure what we expected when we asked Adam Robinson to be prompt master, but we sure got it — or should I say goat it?

Yeah. Tough time to be funny.

At least you’re in good hands six days a week!

Editor’s Picks

Laco’s pick

Oscar Rhea discovered a calorie-free snack and now I can’t wait to try it.

Jen’s pick

You can’t go wrong with Ginger Cook.

Doc’s pick

Suzanne Pisano goes all dark and satirically delicious with this one.

Philip’s pick

Master satirist himself, Mark Suroviec, M.Ed., continues his ball-bursting Not-a-Doctor series with hilarious and explosive results. Magic!

Final Suturing

If you want to get on all our good sides, follow your editors.

Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier) | Jennifer McDougall | Kristine Laco | Philip Ogley

You too could be part of the cool kids club. Send us more funnies. We pick ’em, you lick ’em.

Laco’s Doctor Funny Picks

27 stories
Two guys sitting in a bar riffing on Billy Joel, trying to pass the Reverse Bechdel test.

Jen's Picks

27 stories

Michael's DF Picks for Newsletter

23 stories

New writers — welcome!

Since we’re inviting editors willy-nilly, seems appropriate to ask for new writers too. It’s totally above board and we keep our hands above your equator most of the time. Oh, and tell your friends so we have a full orgy of newbies.

The newest of the new, new writers include: Andrew Pretzel, Mellisa Felix (“Call me ‘Ish-Mell’”), E Savaria

If you are not already a Doctor Funny writer and want a stalker (who doesn’t?!), send an email to the head of surgery, Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier)

Laco out.



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