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Doctor Funny Humpday Checkup

January 4, 2023

Happy Happy!! Laco’s original photo slaughtered by Jennifer McDougall.

Happy New Year Interns,

As you read this I am lying beside a pool somewhere in Mexico awaiting a mojito. Shhh. The Paparazzi haven’t yet figured out where exactly I am.

Doctor Funny is just fine without me. Believe me.

Or as we Canadians tend to say — Beliebe me. Be a Belieber.

Okay, we don’t really say that. Ever. In fact, the mere mention of that made me barf up a little mint leaf. As I wave at the hottie bartender for more of this fine stuff, I think of you all.

I hope that surgeries continue as scheduled. And that your fingers aren’t still spasming after too much New Year cheer.

Don’t worry if you’re still dry heaving at the smell of egg nog. The patients will never know. Especially the one on which you performed a lung transplant — albeit unsuccessful. For future reference, please check the chart. They were only supposed to have their ingrown toenail removed. Oops.

Shit happens.

Fret not. 2023 is bound to be even better than 2022. Especially with all of you onboard!

So scrub off all that gooey blood and relax! You’ve got this!

Editor Picks

Check out who received the ever-coveted Editor Award — which of course comes with a massive check that never quite makes it into the mail.

Laco’s Pick

Not much to say. Just read it.

My actual pick was less controversial by Cam Martin. I think the pick above was the Doc’s but for obvious reasons, he didn’t want to admit it was his fav. Sad but true.

Doc’s Pick

GrindMa is Grandma’s Grindr

Sunburnt Jen’s Pick

I couldn’t stop chortling — yes, chortling — at this one!

Newest of the Newbies

Please welcome all who have joined our doctorly ranks. Read and clap.

Captain Obvious | G.P. Gottlieb

Read up on your fearless leaders

Or don’t.

Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier), Jennifer McDougall, Kristine Laco

That’s all for now. We’re super excited to see what 2023 brings! Celebrate it with us by sending in much more of your funny!

Jen out

A flashy wish for you. Image from

Because it’s the new year I’m tagging you all.

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