If Writers Could Talk to Their Publications

What would that be like?

Bhavnaa Narula
Doctor Funny
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2 min readApr 5, 2024


Two men playing a musical instrument on the street with horse masks on their faces.
Two of the many horses in queue waiting to get a pub’s attention because they’ve got nothing better to do. Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

Writer- Hi Pub. Can I call you Pub or do you prefer Ms. Pub, Lady Pub, Your Highness…

Pub- Hold your horses.

Writer- Sorry.

Pub- You’re such a puppy. Of course, you can call me pub.

Writer- Oh thanks.

Pub- Whatever my dear.

Writer- How are you doing?

Pub- I’m well.

Writer- Hmm OK.

Writer- How are your editors?

Pub- Swell.

Writer- What about your articles?

Pub- Oh they’re amazing. Thank you for asking.

Writer- Hmm. Expecting any new ones?

Pub- Oh yes, a lot but how did you know?

Writer- What’s there to know. You’re a hot pub. I’m sure many writers are ready to do you.

Pub- Haha. That’s true.

Pub- But don’t you think I’m that easy.

Writer- What?

Pub- I mean I’m not that easy to fuck as you think.

Writer- You don’t say.



Bhavnaa Narula
Doctor Funny

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