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Six Shocking Truths About Doc Funny Meetings

We’ll let you in on some secrets

See what the combined power of Kristine and I can do to Dr. Burg? Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

I’ve read Bossypants by Tina Fey. And Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. I know all about the inner workings of comedy creation.

According to – well, everyone – collab idea-generating meetings always involve whiskey, snorting (both laughter and white powder), and mind-exploding…




Drop trou and publish your zany, clever, amusing, laugh-worthy stuff in Doctor Funny, a pub that can do nothing for you. Your mother will be so proud.

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Jennifer McDougall

Jennifer McDougall

You want me to WHAT?!? Okay... Editor, Doctor Funny. Satirical takes on all that life chucks my way.

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