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Notifying You That You’ve Now Been Notified About Your Notifications

“You have a fan” (you pitiful loser)

Photo by Liam Nguyen on Unsplash

For entirely unclear “reasons”, Medium’s notification game has gone nuts.

We’ve now got:

  • someone else had the good taste to highlight something you had the good taste to have already…




Drop trou and publish your zany, clever, amusing, laugh-worthy stuff in Doctor Funny, a pub that can do nothing for you. Your mother will be so proud.

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Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier)

Michael Burg, MD (Satire Sommelier)

The “MD” & “um” in Medium, and the “er” in wisenheimer | Doctor Funny editor/czar | subscribe & get an email whenever I perish | proudly living in obscurity

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