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You Are Chosen to Wipe My Ass

Don’t laugh — this is a serious post! Do not laugh. Stop. This. Instant!

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Poop jokes, farting, and poop generally, are always funny and appeal to the mischief in all of us. Wanna make a class of students from kindergarten to University doctorate level laugh uncontrollably — fart while the teacher/lecturer is teaching.

If you want to change…




Drop trou and publish your zany, clever, amusing, laugh-worthy stuff in Doctor Funny, a pub that can do nothing for you. Your mother will be so proud.

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Brand Nerd. Waiting for the fat lady to sing ! Dyslexic - is it there or their. Passionate about making time to just think!! Sadly thinking hasn’t helped much.

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