A little somethin’ somethin’ for those of us who struggle to say, ‘No’.

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So, other people’s problems become your problems. Other people’s burdens become your burdens.

All humans have at least one super power. What is yours?

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Vacations don’t last forever.

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Three cheers to you.

HUMOUR To My New Best Friend, Mr. Williams Three cheers to you. The image shows two tall glasses of rum.
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He loves to talk, but the thing is…I can’t understand him.

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Try not to be a pill *** Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

But, seriously peeps. The good “Doctor Funny” couldn’t have done it without you.

A collection of limericks

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… “Drive Drunk” was the original, but let’s do an update.

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So, here’s the scheme.

Friends Don’t Let Friends … Watch Faux News


Keep your nose out of my business.

POETRY Do Not Read My Poetry, Sir Keep your nose out of my business. This image is of a shaggy dog; mostly if its face and the look in its eyes is one of “ You better don’t mess with me”. cyberstalking, how to know if someone is stalking you. A message to an ex. Why stalk through the internet.
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“Doctor Funny”

Not just a bunch of doctor jokes. Just a bunch of jokers.

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