Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Basics — In-Game Card Technicalities

In this article we will answer all questions related to cards in the game.

Card Frames

  • The cards you play on the board will be displayed as miniaturized versions of the frame you have selected for it in your collection.
  • Frames are selected per unique card, meaning if you select the Silver frame for e.g. one of your Cyberguards, it won’t affect all of your other Cyberguards.
  • This also means that each card you own has its own native frames and progression system. Unlocking the Gold frame for one Cyberguard doesn’t unlock it for any other Cyberguards you own.
All visuals are work in progress and subject to change

Frames have no functional impact on gameplay in any way, but your opponents might be so impressed with the rarity and look of your frames that they concede the game out of fear or respect 😎

Your Deck (Your Future)

  • Your future must contain exactly 40 cards in the Classic ranked format. There will be different game formats with different limits.
  • Your future can contain up to 4 of each Creature, Moment, Flash, Upgrade, Object, Phenomenon, and Planet.
  • Your future can only contain 1 of each Companion.

If you reach the end of your future… you lose. To be specific, if you have 0 cards left and try to draw another, you lose the game.

Card Draw

  • Both players draw 5 cards at the start of the game and are given the chance to mulligan (remove and re-draw) any number of those once.
  • If you mulligan, the chosen cards will be placed temporarily at the bottom of your future before you re-draw the new cards. After re-drawing, your future will be shuffled again.
  • You draw 1 card at the start of your turn.
  • Once per turn, you can choose to draw 1 more card at the cost of 1 Artron Energy Cell. But be careful — if you use this too much, you run the risk of not having enough Artron for your most powerful cards in the late-game!

Your Hand (Your TARDIS)

  • You can play as many cards in a turn as your current available Artron Energy allows.
  • Your TARDIS can hold up to 15 cards. Drawing another while you’re already holding 15 cards allows you to swap one of the 15 cards for the recently drawn one. The swapped card goes to the end of your future.
  • Cards will have a discreet, coloured hue to signal if they can be played in a given situation or not.

The Board (The Present)

  • The game flips a coin to determine which player goes first.
  • To offset the advantage of going first, the 2nd player has 5 available Artron Energy Cells that they can spend on casting Flash cards as a reaction to the 1st player’s moves. Those 5 Artron Energy Cell will be refilled when the 2nd player starts their turn.
  • Each player is limited to 10 Creatures, 10 Objects, and 10 Phenomenons on the board at the same time.
  • Playing an 11th card will prompt you to swap one of the present cards of that card type. The swapped card goes to the past.

We hope you enjoyed this basic rundown of the cards in Worlds Apart.

If you have questions or just want to chat about the game, feel free to join our Discord and Telegram channels.

— Allons-y!



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