Doctor Who: Worlds Apart — Card Frames & Other Cosmetics

The upcoming TCG will include a variety of cosmetics to collect. The majority of these will be tradable on the marketplace in 2021, but some of them have to be earned by playing (and winning) games against other players.

In this article we will cover:

  • Card Frames
  • Avatars
  • The Founders’ Token & The Swagspot
  • Portraits
  • Titles

Card Frames

At the presale you will be able to collect 212 different cards with 12 different frames for a total of around 2,500 different card/frame combinations ranging from Core frames with an infinite supply to Alien frames with extremely low and limited supplies.

Subject to change during beta and alpha testing

All cards are made in full 3D which you can rotate and inspect in your collection, and later, in 2021, you will be able to trade them with other people for real money.

The frames are:

Core frames — infinite supply of frames per card

  • Standard
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black Diamond

Alien frames — limited supply of frames per card

  • Bronze Dalek
  • Cyber-Warrior
  • Silurian
  • Weeping Angel
  • Ice Warrior
  • White-Point Star

2,500 card/frame combos = 1 million unique assets (NFTs).

As opposed to traditional digital cards in games where all copies of the same card always have the exact same “history,” every card in Worlds Apart has its own unique identity.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that all games have a “Bob” card.

  • In traditional games there’s no difference between my Bob card and your Bob card. If they were tradable, all Bobs would be worth exactly the same.
  • Furthermore, if you already own 2x Bob cards, you can’t really use the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on for anything other than dusting them in order to create a new, different card.

In Worlds Apart, Bob (and all other cards) come with 5 native Core frames that can be unlocked by playing the game or found in the cheapest card packs. But the big difference here is that the progression and history on each player’s Bob card is completely unique.

So if you own 10 Bob cards with the Silurian frame and 10 Bob cards with the Weeping Angel frame, in reality you own 20 different Bobs. Each one has a history that’s completely unique to THAT Bob; games won, games lost, creatures killed, Core frames unlocked, and so on.

When you build a deck and want 4x Bobs in it, you will also have to choose which 4 of your 20 Bobs to use. Only those 4 Bobs will gain experience and statistics after the match.

We wrote an article just about card frames a few weeks ago containing more detailed information about the frame system. Read now.


Your avatar — a TARDIS in this case — is what you’re trying to prevent your opponent from destroying, while aiming to destroy theirs in the process in order to win the game.

Work in progress

In the near future we’re hoping to implement different types of spaceships for you to collect and use in battle.

None of these different avatars have any effect on the gameplay; they are purely cosmetic. But they can still be traded on the marketplace in the future.

The Founders’ Token

Outside of providing a bunch of great perks, the Founders’ Token can also be taken into battle as a status symbol.

In the game itself, the token will be displayed, to the left of your avatar, on the Swagspot.

Work in progress

Before queueing up for a match, you’ll be able to select which item to display on your Swagspot for your opponent to marvel at.

The Founders’ Token will be the first cosmetic item for the Swagspot, but there’ll be many more in the future for you to buy, win, collect, earn, and trade.


Portraits are basically your account’s “avatar” or profile image.

You won’t be able to upload your own profile images — instead you’ll be able to earn portraits by different means to display on your collection and trading profile later.

You will get a handful of default portraits to use, while others need to be earned in-game or by trading. Some are pretty easy to get, and some are super hard to earn.

This feature will most likely not be present at the initial weeks of the presale, though.


Similarly to portraits, titles are earned in a variety of ways and will be displayed next to your username and portrait.

This feature will most likely also not be present at the initial weeks of the presale.

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