New Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Cosmetic Card Pack — Clones & Metamorphs

Clones & Metamorphs brings you 2 new card frames to collect for the already existing library of 212 cards in Unearthly Origins — in other words, 424 new combinations to collect which will never be sold again, except on the upcoming marketplace by you, the owners of these cards.

Read our main Card Pack Guide to get a better understanding of card frames and the overall presale sale structure.

This time around we’re limiting the amount of packs rather than the amount of frames in each pack. This means that whenever all 10,000 packs are sold, the total supply of Zygon and Sontaran frames on those 212 cards will be whatever was collected during the sale, though it is capped at 50,000 per frame.

Note that the NFTs are still minted when you open the pack, not when you buy it!

The pack contains 10 cards, and each card has a 50/50 chance of being one or the other of those 2 Alien frames.

The card rarity chances are also the exact same as every other pack;


The Sontaran are a race of clone warriors made on the planet Sontar. They were created by the native inhabitants of Sontar, the Kaveetch, to fight a seemingly eternal war against the Rutans. The Sontarans are made to be simple-minded; they think only of fighting and conquering. SONTAR-HA!


The Zygon are a metamorphic humanoid species from the planet Zygor. They are covered in suckers, have venomous sacs located in their tongues, and perhaps most interestingly they are able to shapeshift into another living organism, though they usually need the target to be unconscious.

We can’t wait to see what you get! Stop by our Discord and share screenshots of your opened packs in #share-your-loot, or hop in Telegram and join the fun!

Who will get the ultra rare Serial 1 Zygon Morpher + Zygon frame
and the
Strax or Sontaran Soldier + Sontaran frame?!



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