Project Update — March 2021 | Doctor Who: Worlds Apart


What’s next?

Deck Builder & Collection updates

Game Design

  • Card types
  • Artron/Attack/Health values
  • Abilities & keywords


New constraint: When building a deck, you must now first choose a Home Planet.

Subject to change

New design: Players can now control a Planet, each.

New design: Planets stack.

Subject to change

New design: Past Planets can be revisited.

To Summarise

  • Deckbuilding requires you to choose a Home Planet as your first step.
  • Both players can each have a Planet active at the same time.
  • Playing multiple of the same Planet increases their strength.
  • Past planets can be resummoned by different means (more on that in an upcoming card balance update).

Board testing

Work in progress, subject to change

Design Insight: Rarities

Subject to change

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