Jun 30, 2016 · 4 min read

An Ode to the everyday Super Heroes of DailyRounds — Stories of Doctors from Syrian Refugee camps to Harvard Medical School

A year ago, when we launched DailyRounds, little did we know that DailyRounds would surpass the geographical boundaries of patient care. As Doctors, we realized that our stories and those of our patients were much similar all over the world. We are, therefore, profiling some of our Doctors from DailyRounds’ global community here, so that we can remind ourselves, “Start up life is hard, but it’s a cake walk compared to what our Doctors — the everyday superheros carry out across the world.”

Dr. Dr. Hasti Hadizadeh, Iran

“ I would work 24 hours shifts, doing complex procedures to draw a salary of 90 Dollars (about one-third of the minimum workers’ wage in Iran). But being is a Doctor is not about the salary ”

Dr. Hasti Hadizadeh, GP from Iran
Dr Hasti using DailyRounds

“ I like the fact that the description for cases is short and that a picture of the case is right in front of you and that you know that the diagnosis is confirmed/ verified and the discussion in not just pointless ”

Dr. Mohamad Shaker and Dr. Mohsen Ali , Syria

Here life suddenly changes in front of you. We are in a civil war, we are in a conflict. We do whatever we can as Doctors to help our people.

Dr. Mohamad Shaker and Dr. Mohsen Ali
Field vaccination
Dr Mohsen using DailyRounds at a Vaccination camp

Dr. Quinter and team, Kenya

Dr. Quinter, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Kenya and her DailyRounds weekly case club at their local PHC. “We don’t have a lot of academic facilities in our hospital, so we just love these cases “

Dr. Quinter and Team

Dr Michael and his Obstetrician colleagues, Nigeria

The economic crisis in Nigeria is affecting everybody, doctors and patients alike. “ In case I want to revisit a case, I can find it on the app. There are pictures of most cases that we come across here. And it’s easy for me to access them with my phone”

The Experts and the Q&A Series — Dr Dr. Rob Beekman, Dr. Justin , Prof. Gibson to name a few.

Key opinion leaders across multiple specialities have participated in the DailyRounds Q&A thus helping in providing evidence based care to the community

Dr. Rob Beekman, Chair of the American College of Cardiology Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology Council offers advice on the pragmatic and current management of TOF.

Dr Justin C.Y Wu, Asso. Dean in The Chinese University of Hong Kong throws some light on the latest in the management of GERD.

Prof Gibson, Interventional Cardiologist & Educator from Harvard Med has guided the DailyRounds editorial team since its inception.

Dr. Devendra Patel and Dr. Jivtesh, Mumbai, India

“We enjoyed building the ECG database. It was fun going back to the textbook and really gratifying to know that clinicians across the world will be using the ECG database .”

Dr. Dev from KEM Mumbai

These are stories that keeps us going. Again, our toughest days come nowhere close to a DailyRounds doctor’s normal days. Towards “Better Doctors” — DailyRounds Team

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