First Test of Drawing on HTML5 Canvas

As my first test I wanted to test how to draw on a canvas. Just the most basic way that comes to my mind first. I was playing with setting the scene, the canvas, embedding the scripts…

After I learned, coded and scripted all the important and necessary stuff that is required to be there by the browser in order to display everything properly, I moved to actually drawing (at least trying to draw).

Basic variables and neccesary settings in JavaScript

For the drawing itself I created a single and simple dot with random color and then I was moving it all over the scene. I moved it every time just a bit so it seemed like continuous movement.

From a dot to a line

It worked. So then I just was experimenting with colors, radius of the circle, frame rate of the scene… And there it was! I created my first “artwork” generated purely by a computer (I programmed it, the computer drawed it).

Check the result of the first test on: