Prompt no. 1 — Terrible Piece of Art

The first prompt was supposed to be a bad art made in some time based media. Because I’ve chosen to work with chaos theory and generative art this semester, I didn’t want to make some video… I wanted to make the bad art in some way I find useful for me. Therefore the web.

The first thing that comes to my mind when someone says “bad art” is something that is really ugly. Now, I know that art is not all about how something looks, but that’s just what my brain imagines as a first thing… Appearance.

And the second thing I imagine is the rest. That means:

  • Something that doesn’t make any sense.
  • Something I’ve seen somewhere else already.
  • Something ordinary that anyone could do.

So that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve!


The main inspiration for this project was for me one of the internet archives with short animations. At first, I wanted to program the algorithm to download the animations automatically, but then… That would be too good for a bad art. So I downloaded some (300) of them.


This semester I’m making chaos theory generative art in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. So I couldn’t choose other technology than that.

Some pieces of the JavaScript algorithm

Array with all the animations (img), functions for shuffling the animations, for cycle for insertion on the page and second cycle for editing their position and colorful style.

A part of the CSS code

Position of all the animations, style of sparkles on the background and style and animation for floating unicorn.

The life version of this bad art prompt is also available online on:

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