Beneath the Delta Stars

Delta stars shine the brightest.

Have you ever looked up into the early, evening night sky, lightly spotted with tiny white dots and continue on with your business, never giving those few stars a second thought? But then, later on that night, when that very same sky is full of bright twinkling lights you can’t help but drop everything and stare for moments on end.

Have you ever felt that way about yourself? That you were completely insignificant alone until you were among others exactly like you?

This is how I felt before coming to the Delta. (Yes, technically Vicksburg is a part of the Delta but I don’t consider a place full of rolling hills and bluffs very ‘Delta-ish’..) Growing up, I was usually the odd-man-out for my love of all things art (crafts count, right?). All through high school, I completely gave up on it. But once college rolled around, I figured moving off would give me a fresh start and I could finally pursue this love. Little did I know, I was just about to run into a town full of people who believed you had to be a lawyer or a doctor to make it in life. Boy, could I not wait to get out of there. Finally, I graduated with my Associates Degree and made my way to Cleveland, Ms (best decision I have ever made!).

Being here at Delta State has helped me grow so much in every way possible. Being around others who thrive on creating art has only made me want to work harder. None of this was a piece of cake. Through it all, I have learned that life is hard but being an artist is even harder. However, if you truly love what you do and you are creating works that speak for you and touch others, you can have just as much (if not more) than the next guy.

One lone star is beautiful but millions are breathtaking.