“What the blues means to me”

In this picture is a picture of myself looking emotionless. I have people thinking I’m sad, depress, I have a lot on my mind, or am I angry? I feel like this picture represent as what the blues mean to me because you can never know what in this picture what I’m actually feeling. Before I took this picture I was going through some stuff with my family and relationship. I was crying, feeling really depress and hardly smile. When I calm down, I listen to some soft music and I decide to take a picture of myself. When I look at this picture, I notice I look emotionless. I have people telling me that it doesn’t look like me because I always be smiling in my pictures. What I hope to learn in this class is to learn more about the blues, the meaning of it, and the feeling of it. I want to learn more about the Mississippi Delta and it’s creativity in it. I believe this class will inspire me more to want to travel and learn the history of people and art. Since I’m majoring in photography, this class will help learn how to do video recording, audio field record, and more. I hope that we go on some trips to go on some areas I never been before so not only to take some pictures but also to record some videos too. I believe this class will be a lot of fun and bring out more creative in me.


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