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11 Frequent Questions About doDOC

  1. What is doDOC?
    doDOC is a real-time editing and review software made for the pharmaceutical industry. It handles multiple people working on a document at the same time, comes with its own citation manager connected to PubMed, Mendeley, Scopus, and EndNote, has full track changes, and provides automatic document formatting.
  2. Can I use doDOC together with Word?
    Yes. You can write the first draft in Word and then share it with your collaborators in doDOC where you can collect all comments and track changes. Finally, you can export your document and continue working in Word to finalize the next draft.
  3. What can I do in doDOC that I cannot do in Microsoft Office 365?
    With doDOC, it is easier to share documents with people outside your organization. It also comes with its own citation manager and automatically formats content to journal specifications. These functionalities save you significant time when preparing a manuscript, which in turn can be used to focus on the scientific value of the content.
  4. How does doDOC handle citations?
    When you import a Word document with citations in Word, EndNote, Mendeley, or Quosa, the citations will be imported and displayed in doDOC. You can also add citations in doDOC and choose which formatting style you would like to apply before exporting back to Word. All citations are shared with the team working on the document.
  5. Can I use doDOC for external reviewers?
    Yes, doDOC is perfect for a cross-organization collaboration as there are no complicated access/license setups and it works on both PCs and Macs. This means that external collaborators are already covered by the enterprise license that your organization has.
  6. Can I add images and tables to my document within doDOC?
    Yes, there are full editing capabilities in doDOC, including images, tables, references, indexes, and a lot more.
  7. Does doDOC have full track changes?
    Yes, you can also turn on track changes and lock it so that your collaborators cannot turn it off. This will ensure that no comments or edits fall through the cracks.
  8. If I import a Word document with comments and track changes, will they be fully functional in doDOC?
    Yes, when importing a Word document with track changes and comments, they carry over into doDOC and can be resolved within doDOC. In turn, comments and track changes made in doDOC will be exported as fully functional comments and track changes in Word.
  9. Can I continue to work in Word after I have collected all comments and track changes in doDOC?
    Yes. You can get the benefits of real-time document review from doDOC and then continue your work in Word in one fully collated document with all reviewers’ comments and track changes.
  10. Can doDOC be integrated with other systems?
    Yes, doDOC is currently integrated with iEnvision and Veeva Vault, but can easily be integrated with other systems as well.
  11. How do I know if doDOC is the right fit for me and my team?
    The best way to determine if doDOC could be right for you is to see it in action. Send an email to and ask for a demo. You will have the opportunity to see the software, ask specific questions, and even bring your team for a discussion after the demo.