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DRM Newsletter_Sept.

DRM Newsletter_Sept.

▶ KISA Metaverse IoT Security Improvement Project

Dain Leaders, the developer of the DoDreamChain project, won an order to improve the operation of KISA’s Metaverse IoT security testbed. This is a business that creates and operates a metaverse education and experience environ- ment to promote and interest the IoT security testbed for students who are future developers.

▶ Signed MOU with Beeblock Exchange related to NFT for Campus World platform

Campus World, a university campus-based virtual real estate metaverse platform launched by the DoDreamChain Foundation, signed a business agreement with Beeblock Exchange on September 23rd. This agreement is for NFT payment to Campus World platform participants and technical cooperation for Web 3.0-based global edutech platform.

▶ Participated in 2022 Gwangju ACE Fair

Dain Leaders participated in the 2022 Gwangju ACE Fair from the 22nd to the 25th. participated. Gwangju ACE Fair is a content business exhibition leading the globalization of K-contents, with 398 companies from 36 countries participating under the theme of ‘Digital Transformation and Expansion of Content Value’.

▶ Dain Leaders and Bookers have signed a business agreement

Dain Leaders and Bookers (a service company special- izing in B2B ebook subscription) have signed a business agreement. We plan to provide a knowledge content service by implementing a virtual library within the metaverse platform Campus World.

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