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Dog Tales

Chilli’s Guide to Scary Monsters. Part 1: Feathers

Always approach feathers with extreme caution

Chilli, a red heeler with a red and black cockatoo feather.
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

Birdies are terribly dangerous. We’ve got the dirty rotten swoopers near where I live, and you can be just strolling along minding your own business when BAM! out of nowhere, a swooper will fly at you.




This is a publication written by Dogs. It is about dogs and for dogs, but most importantly, it is written BY DOGS. If you are a dog and like to write we welcome your stories. Just remember everything must be by the dog and in the first person.

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Sandi Parsons

Sandi Parsons

Sandi Parsons lives & breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller📚 Kidlit specialist, dipping her toes in the big kid’s pool.

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