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Dog Tales

I Deserve All of the Attention!

The few confessions of an adorable Chihuahua- Pomeranian pup.

photo of Max by author

My name is Max.

While my brother is okay, I’m the cuter one.

I’m the one who gives better cuddles.

I can bark louder than he can.

I have longer legs and I’m able to jump higher when you come home from work. Silly dachshund legs… they won’t get him up into someone’s lap.

When you come in the door, I’ll jump until you catch me.

When you sit down, I’ll sit down on your lap, looking precious.

I’ll nudge your hand with my nose until you start petting me. It’ll be 3 hours before you look up and notice the time has flown.

That’s if I know you.

If I don’t know you, I use my barking to ward you away from my family.

They’re mine, all mine. I don’t want you delivering food to them because it’ll keep their hands busy.

I don’t want to intermingle with your dogs because I’ll have to share the attention.

If I don’t know you, stay away from my family. I will hold you suspect of wanting to steal their smiles, conversation, and take up space in their minds.

No one in my current family knows what life was like before I got there.

I use that to my advantage sometimes.

All they know is that my prior family got tired of taking care of me and that I’m afraid of flyswatters.

Somehow that won their hearts toward me. I don’t mind using tidbits from my past to show them why I need so much attention and love.

I fight for attention because I need it to thrive.




This is a publication written by Dogs. It is about dogs and for dogs, but most importantly, it is written BY DOGS. If you are a dog and like to write we welcome your stories. Just remember everything must be by the dog and in the first person.

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