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Dog Tales

Reiley’s Bath

Photo by Lucas Mellec on Unsplash

Dear Sasha,

The warm weather is here! Oh the joy of green grass under one’s footpads! Not having the pee freeze halfway to the ground!

I do miss poopcicles. Did I say that out loud? It is a special secret among dogs in this place and I shouldn’t be writing to you about it. Perhaps you are shocked, perhaps you are tempted, but at a certain temperature it turns into a solid lump that satisfies the urge for the undigested. ‘Nough said.

The children are home all the time now. They had been going out early in the morning. Sometimes the mother and I would walk to the playground with them and leave them there among the seemingly thousands of children. We would walk back in the afternoon to accompany them home. Humans like to play together, just like dogs. They just do it without owners.

Now the children have other children to the house to run and play and they seem so much happier. Sometimes they would come home from the playground crying, which, given the nastiness of humans, and especially children to each other, is not surprising. When they play at home I do see nastiness, but the mother squashes it sooner.

Yesterday they had a number of children come to play with water. You know the long snakey thing that vomits water continually? I bark at it and try to bite the water (I learned as a puppy not to bite the actual snake.) The children fill small plastic things at the snake and then vomit water at each other with them.

They were running in and out of the gate and naturally I followed them. You remember that I am not allowed in the front garden because there is no fence. I followed the children everywhere, even to the back door of another house next to the one we live in. The play area has expanded since the children of that house joined us.

There is a strip of hard black in front of the house that has no grass. The children did not go on it, but I dashed there to catch a ball.

Well, the mother came out amid the shrieks and yelling and hauled me back into the fenced part of the yard. She gave the children a stern talk about keeping me safe. Now I play with the water snake and dance around the children when they come to fill up their little plastic things.

Do you think the frozen time was just because we arrived and had to get used to living here? Is that what happens every time someone moves? And then everything thaws out and the fun begins?

Love, Reiley

Dear Reiley,

Thank you for your letter. I haven’t heard from you lately and I was thinking maybe you were getting so used to your new home that you were forgetting your old one.

We are well. The rain comes harder now, and more frequently. There were strong winds that blew some trees down.

Poopciciles sound delicious! It is a natural instinct to seek out undigested material and redigest it. Healthy biomes are maintained in our guts this way. It is especially beneficial to puppies who need to develop that biome, but in hot climates this is done by the mother regurgitating food. If it comes from her other end it can carry dangerous additions. I imaging that freezing it kills off the bad part.

Your water games sound like fun. Does it ever rain where you are? Here it is like the water snake vomits from the skies.

Write again soon! I enjoy every letter you send.

love, Sasha.

About the Author: Where are you from? Chances are, I’ve been there. Africa claims me as her child, Europe claims me as a nomad, Canada claims me as a settler. My voice, accent, outlook and style reflect all the places I have lived and loved. What do you love? I love children and hope never to grow too old to get down on the floor and build, romp, or fly through a child’s imagination. I love animals and am pleased to say, they seem to love me back.



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