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Reiley’s Fears

Roary monsters under the house.

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Dear Sasha,

I have exciting news to write to you, but first I must tell you about my new friend.

Parsley is the same breed as you! She comes from very good bloodlines and has the same refined, gracious way of interacting with other dogs. She is younger than you and has not accumulated the same amount of worldly wisdom, so you don’t have to worry that maybe she will become more important to me than you, or replace you in any way.

Rather, she did make me homesick for you as she trotted up with her nose at just the right angle. She was delighted to hear about you and sends you the particular greeting of your breed which I cannot replicate here and I couldn’t even if we were together because I am not of your kind.

We were both certain you would have no difficulty imagining what she was talking about and how she would perform the ritual.

As exciting as that is, let me tell you something even more wonderful. The family is moving into our more permanent home here. I don’t think I’ll ever say “forever home” again since at any time I might be shipped in a flying cage to who-knows-where. The noisy, stinky experience stays with me and since I now know the family has moved before, I think it is likely again.

One morning, there was a hurrying and scurrying by all members. They had their suitcases packed and genuinely looked exactly as they had when we first arrived, except they were excited more than afraid.

Of course the children were afraid and I caught some of that, thinking about the noisy, stinky place.

We bundled into the car. I sat between the front seats where the short haired male sat who rode in this car before me. I hope you remember I wrote about that. It is a very comfortable place to ride as long as one has energy to brace against the forces that swing one back and forth.

The children both wrapped their arms around me. The mother darted back into the townhouse twice before we finally drove away. The father began to sing and everyone joined in.

I refrained from howling. I tried that once and got put in the dark space under the house with the roary thing that blows hot air. Did I tell you about that thing? Arg! I mean, I really appreciate the hot air when it is so cold outside, but the roary thing is a monster when I’m put down there with it. With the warmer weather it does not roar as often. I still don’t go down into the dark space unless they make me.

My, this letter grows long! The sparrow won’t be able to carry it if I write much more. I’ll tell you about the new house next time I write.

love, Reiley

Dear Reiley,

I am overjoyed that you met Parsley. My breed is known all around the world and I am not surprised that we are represented so well where you are. Please tell her I receive the noble greeting and respond with the appropriate pheromones.

Life is very wet here. We meet under awnings and under bridges. The river swells up and down with the hour and of course the flood is coming. We older ones warn the younger dogs to be wary and attend to their humans.

Your new house sounds exciting. Though your letter is short on details, you do give a vivid picture of your life and health, and that is what I really want to know. I care deeply for you and hate how you are subjected to fearful things that blow hot air, and frozen ground, and barking neighbours who don’t understand you.

Take good care of yourself and your family of humans. Write soon!

love Sasha



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