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Letters from a TCK dog

Reiley’s Fluffy Friend

Spring is Sprung

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First Espistle and latest:

Dear Sasha,

Little by little the grungy patches of ice slither into the ground. My toes no longer ache from the frozen ground and smells are exploding all around.

That furry thing with the long fluffy tail disappeared for a few weeks. Now she has babies. I hear their tiny squeaks coming from a bunch of leaves in the tree. I wonder what it’s like being born way up in the air. Then I think about how I was taken in a cage and you say that’s what happened to me to get here and I feel kind of sick.

The birds are singing love songs. All kinds of birds that I’ve never seen or heard before — red ones, blue ones, little black and white striped ones! Many were not here when I arrived. Were they brought here by their moving family?

Something has happened! My family had started to go out without me. I was put in my crate, my one familiar space left over from my old home so I didn’t mind too much spending a whole day there. I dreamed about you and the gang. The family always came home before I got desperate and we always went to the park after.

Yesterday they did this and came home talking louder and laughing and everyone seemed so much happier all of a sudden. The mother opened all the cupboard doors and just looked at the plates and knives and stuff. She has complained about none of it being hers. This time she shut the doors with a smile on her face.

The father spend a long time on the phone and then he sat at the table with a pile of papers. When the 9 year old asked what it all meant, the father talked about a yard and swing set. The 6 year old asked about her own room.

I wonder what this means for me. Do you thing the yard means more space to run? The little patch at the back of this house is bigger now that the grungy patches are gone, but I’ve worn a track around the fence teasing that short haired female. Do you think the 6 year old will let me into her room?

I’ll let you know what it all means next time I write.

love, Reiley

Dear Reiley,

Thank you for dreaming about your pals. As your weather warms, ours seems to cool. Do you remember the smell of the late-blooming purple tree? The flowers are all over the ground. The rains have stopped.

Beska had seven puppies. She is very grumpy if any of us get near them. Cordelane cut her paw. Her family is keeping it dry and she is trying not to lick it. You remember what happened the last time she hurt herself! The cone of shame!

I think good things are in store for you and your family. I once had a similar experience. Watch out for swing sets though. Those kids fly through the air and their feet come out of nowhere to slam into you.

I look forward to your next letter!

love, Sasha

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