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Reiley’s Moment

Photo by Alicia Jones on Unsplash

Dear Sasha,

Don’t worry about me forgetting you! We both know that dogs live in the moment. That does not mean they have no memories! When I am here with the children sniffing around the verdant green stuff that grows where the snow used to, my mind is full of who went before me and who might be near me now. When I get to see you again, I will instantly be back with you and fully there, thinking about what I can smell in your fur.

Humans are the AND/OR creatures. It’s one or the other with them. We dogs have BOTH/AND. Now and memories.

The children continue to spend lots of time around the house, screaming and laughing their heads off. The six year old (who will soon be seven) found a way to bring me with them on their adventures so I no longer bark my head off in the fenced part.

I was only calling to them to be careful, and to keep an eye out for me. There was a big discussion about the noise I was making and the six year old took brave responsibility for me. I go with her on the leash. I still have to stay outside when they go into someone elses’ house. I don’t understand why.

There are three houses that serve as the gang’s territory. Our house, the one right next door, and one a few doors away. All day we run from one to the other eating cookies and throwing toys at each other and digging in sand.

We still visit the school yard and the children climb on frames and swing on moveable seats. They tie me to the corner post and I bark at them. The six year old tells me things, but I don’t understand what she is talking about. Then she feeds me cookies and I’m quiet for a while.

The light lasts almost forever here. The sun rises and the birds create a ruckus way before the humans are ready to climb out of bed which is totally the opposite when the light was shorter, when the snow was still on the ground.

Eventually the man goes to work and the children play. Oh, I should tell you that when the man comes home the play stops. There was a discussion about that too. The man shouted a lot about the kids shouting. Why am I not allowed to bark when he is? That is one of the strange things about humans that dogs have no right to question.

About half an hour before the man returns home, the mother gathers the children from whichever house we happen to be at, wipes our noses, gives us a cookie, and settles us down to look at books. When the man comes in, he sees this and doesn’t bark. I think this is a win?

The mother sleeps a lot. I smell things in her that I didn’t before. Do you think she is ill? She also weeps a lot, but she has been doing that since we first arrived. Sometimes I stay at home when the children run, and the mother lies on the couch and I lie close to her.

I remember that your owner mother was ill at some time in your life. Can you tell me about it?

love, Reiley

Dear Reiley,

Thank you for your letter. I love to hear about all the fun you are having. Life seems pretty good with you.

Yes, dogs don’t know half of what humans do. They can do all sorts of things that we can’t do and this is a good reason for us to do the things we can and not question what they do. Even when it is something we are not allowed to do and think we should be.

Yes, my owner mother was very ill for a while. She slept a lot. She threw up a lot too. She spent a lot of time away from home and the rest of the family shouted at each other like your family does. Sometimes I didn’t get fed or walked and they got angry with me for doing what I had to do to survive.

It all came straight though. One day she came home and got stronger all the time. Now we go for long walks and we eat better food. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Take good care of yourself and those children!

Love Sasha

I love dogs. One year I went 9 months without a canine presence in my house and I had to go to the off leash area every day just to get my dog fix. I hope you are enjoying the adventures of Reiley. I have written other stories on Medium that you might like. And I have published the start of a series.



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