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Dog Tales

What Does Foster Mean for Me?

Penny’s story

A majestic black shar pei called penny lays on a sofa on a pink blanket

They say it a lot, that word.


I don’t know what it means. This thing I’m in shakes and rattles as we travel to the Foster. I still don’t know… Is Foster good? Or is it bad? We come to a stop and someone says, Come on, this is your new Foster home”



This is a publication written by Dogs. It is about dogs and for dogs, but most importantly, it is written BY DOGS. If you are a dog and like to write we welcome your stories. Just remember everything must be by the dog and in the first person.

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Riley Benfell

Huge Book-nerd, D&D geek and lover of Creepy and weird things. I love to write Dystopian, Fantasy, Adventure and some poetry.