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The very simple reason why I’m voting Trump

I’m voting for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. My reasoning is quite simple and straightforward. Here it is.

In January, 2017, my health insurance provided by Anthem BC/BS of Ohio will most likely increase another 20–29%. Yes, folks, a 29% increase is perfectly legal in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Insurance assures me Anthem requested the increases and it was approved. I’m in a long protracted letter exchange with the ODI as well as with my only Democratic representation in Congress, Sen. Sherrod Brown.

The thread to my government is as thin as a human hair. I am not in the very poor demo the Democrats prop up nor in the very rich the Republicans can tap. I am in the Middle where there is no good narrative that either party can use.

The response I get to my questions about the ACA from Senator Brown’s constituent services liason, Brad Deane is “I assume your question is rhetorical.”

In January, my health insurance will become unaffordable and I will need to drop it and take my chances with nature. In January, 2017, I will not have health insurance.

If Donald Trump becomes president, the GOP Congress will present him a bill that repeals all of the Affordable Care Act, including the IRS penalty for not carrying health insurance.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, the Affordable Care Act will remain and I will then become a criminal under the US Tax Code.

That’s it, folks. It’s just that simple.

Stop. Do not get mad at me for voting Trump. Don’t leave a comment. Instead, call Sherrod Brown’s office and speak with Brad Deane, the constituent liason, and tell him our questions about the #ACA are not rhetorical! (216) 522–7272



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