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$DOGE+ Airdrop

The $DOGE+ airdrop: The airdrop targets are divided into Class A addresses and Class B addresses. Class A addresses judge the real user according to the number of historical transactions at the snapshot time and the current number of $DOGE+ held. Class B addresses are BNB Chain Dogecoin ($DOGE) holders at the time of snapshot. The number of airdrops of Class A and Class B addresses can be added up.

Class A airdrop address (the total airdrop: 25 million $DOGE+) :

Class A addresses judge the real user according to the number of historical transactions at the snapshot time and the current number of $DOGE+ held.

Only addresses that meet both of the following conditions 1 and 2 can actively receive airdrops, invitation airdrops, and invited airdrops. The specific conditions are:

1. Addresses with 20 or more transactions according to the historical transaction times of the user address (Snapshot time: Feb, 28, 2022. ).

2. You must currently hold the $DOGE+ that meets the following rules, and these $DOGE+ must be purchased from the contract interaction of PancakeSwap. The rule: the amount of $DOGE+ held is greater than or equal to 10% of the amount of airdrops you actively receive, specifically:

1) From the airdrop contract launch, the user’s address is within the range of 1–99 Class-A airdrops to actively receive addresses (hereinafter referred to as addresses 1–99, and so forth), need to hold equal to or greater than 1,000 $DOGE+. Addresses 1–99 will get an airdrop of 10,000 $DOGE+, invitation airdrop of 10,000 $DOGE+, invited airdrop of 5,000 $DOGE+.

2) Addresses 100–999 (need to hold equal to or greater than 100 $DOGE+) will get an airdrop of 1,000 $DOGE+, invitation airdrop of 1,000 $DOGE+, invited airdrop of 500 $DOGE+.

3) Addresses 1,000–9,999 (need to hold equal to or greater than 50 $DOGE+) will get an airdrop of 500 $DOGE+, invitation airdrop of 500 $DOGE+, invited airdrop of 250 $DOGE+.

4) Addresses 10,000–99,999 (need to hold equal to or greater than 25 $DOGE+) will get an airdrop of 250 $DOGE+, invitation airdrop of 250 $DOGE+, invited airdrop of 125 $DOGE+.

5) Addresses 100,000–999,999 (need to hold equal to or greater than 12.5 $DOGE+) will get an airdrop of 125 $DOGE+, invitation airdrop of 125 $DOGE+, invited airdrop of 62.5 $DOGE+.

For Class A addresses of the invitation mechanism, addresses 1–99 are in the genesis period, in which users can get high rewards for airdrops. For address greater than 100, the number of addresses increases by ten times, and the number of airdrops actively received will be halved, so will the number of invitation airdrops. The number of invitation airdrops will also be halved (the number of invited airdrops is half of the number of invitation airdrops).

Only addresses that meet the requirement of having at least 20 historical transactions before March 1st can be registered for the airdrops. After registration, you can start inviting friends. You will get actively received airdrops, invitation airdrops, and invited airdrops if you purchase 1000 DOGE+ with your wallet address. There will be corresponding data display of the airdrops. You can invite several friends first, and then focus on airdrop harvesting, which will help you save gas fees.

Both $DOGE+ and $DOGE++ are social tokens. The relationship of social tokens is not the social network graph formed by registered users of centralized projects, but by the historical transaction records between token holding addresses, because they are all established through friends’ invitation in social airdrops.

In addition, most people have multiple wallet addresses. In order to receive more airdrops, multiple addresses of one person can invite each other, and different people can invite each other, thus forming the social network graph for a unique social token.

Class B airdrop address (the total airdrop: 5 million $DOGE+) :

Snapshot time: Feb 28, 2022.

1. Top 1000 richest Dogecoin ($DOGE) addresses (BNB Chain):
Airdrop to 50 of these addresses randomly, 20,000 $DOGE+ per address, 1 million $DOGE+ in total.

2. Top 1001–10,000 richest Dogecoin ($DOGE) addresses BNB Chain):
Airdrop to 500 of these addresses randomly, 2,000 $DOGE++ per address, 1million DOGE++ in total.

3. Addresses with the number of Dogecoin ($DOGE) holders ranking below 10,000 (BNB Chain):
Airdrop to 15,000 of these addresses randomly, 200 $DOGE+ per address, 3 million $DOGE+ in total.

All Cake-LPs have been transferred to the black hole address using the address where the DOGE+/USDT liquidity pool was originally created, which means that the LP pools created initially will never be removed.

The DOGE+ (BEP20) contract address is: 0xfB4f23DC001585c1CEC6848466cBaFBa33635Ca1




Doge+, to create the ecosystem for Dogecoin.

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