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6 min readJul 16, 2018

What is DOGI?

DOGI (proncouned DOG-E) is a blockchain-based platform that looks to accelerate the development of blockchain games by bringing crypto investors and the developers/publishers of early stage blockchain games together under one fluid ecosystem in a decentralized economy. DOGI enables blockchain game developers to reach a targeted, wider blockchain gamer and crypto collectibles audience, helping them raise funds through decentralized crowdfunding.

The team behind DOGI brings a wealth of experience and technical know-how in building a gaming platform from scratch to amass over 120 millions of engaged moble game players. Now, any game studio looking to leverage this platform can do so in just a few clicks by registering their collectible digital assets for crowdsale on our platform. Whilst for users, this is a platform for game discovery and recommendation, engaging with other players, and a trusted go-to source for evaluating game’s presales of digital assets.

Current Market Outlooks

As it stands, the blockchain gaming sector is growing at a phenomenal rate. Game developers in almost every niche are beginning to recognize the benefits that blockchain technology can offer to their project. However, the industry only in its infancy of rising up to expansive growth. There are obviously several growing pains that limit the potential of these projects, typically either restrictive and costly of their access to a wide audience, lacking a full stack of development talents or hindering their ability to raise funds.

In just a few short months, the world has seen the number of blockchain games grow at a staggering pace. And now, we are beginning to see more experienced game developers and publishers exploring the market, indicating the advent of some real AAA titles may be on the horizon.

DOGI looks to greatly widen the traditionally very narrow path to the growth of this industry, giving gamers a way to actively participate in the development of their idea creation, whilst providing a hub for game studios and publishers to connect with a targeted audience to help market their titles. At DOGI, we are firm believers in the future of the blockchain gaming as a major business sector, and fully expect it to follow the same explosive growth trajectory as the mobile gaming market had been.

User and investor benefits

Users benefit from being provided an extensive range of new and exciting projects to choose from. Each and every project listed on the DOGI platform will have passed a thorough assessment, credibility checking and validation of the team and their prior track record to deliver and to optimize the game experiences to the DOGI users, and the secured safety to the investors.

DOGI users are presented the access the presales of the most promising projects at the earliest opportunity, and in doing so, investors also get to cherry picking to the qualified teams on reasonable discount or bonus level available. So, if you’re an avid collector of crypto game assets, or a savvy investor looking to access exciting opportunities before anybody else, DOGI has something for you.

And it couldn’t be easier! DOGI offers access to all of the latest projects all in one simple to navigate ecosystem, allowing users to find the perfect PC, web or mobile game to support. You then simply select the game asset(s) that interest you the most, select your payment option, including ETH, ERC-20 tokens and DOGI tokens and you’re set.

When purchasing in a cryptographically secured asset offered via the DOGI platform, you can be sure that you genuinely own what you purchase. This is because DOGI uses the latest non-fungible ERC-721 token technology to bring you your digital assets. This simply means that each collectible ERC-721 token you purchase is truly unique and is yours to do whatever you like with — that’s right… True ownership.

Users will be rewarded with DOGI tokens for their contribution and participation in the growth of the game and its development team. More on DOGI tokens later.

Central to the theme of shared-success model, DOGI also welcomes experts and mentors in the gaming industry as contributing individuals to the entire ecosystem. They will be rewarded tokens for sharing their insights and experience as mentors to the game developers.

Benefits for Game Providers

Our platform enables new, or early stage game developers to benefit from the wealth of experience that DOGI has in the gaming industry and allows these developers to access smart capital and DOGI’s vast network and marketing capacity within this industry.

The crowdsourcing principles for each digital asset sale are written into smart contracts to provide a truly trustworthy solution for both investors and game developers. Teams will also have access to smart contract templates and support with incorporating your game idea with blockchain technology and crypto payment systems.

Creating a crowdsale on the DOGI platform couldn’t be easier! Simply register an account and click the “Start a project” button and you’re off! Then you just need to fill in your project details, including an introduction to your project, fundraising details, development plan and a few other details, most importantly, details of individual digital assets up for pre-sale must be established and that’s it! Your listing is complete. After this, your project details will be reviewed by our team, and published if the eligibility criteria have been met.

Unlike other platforms which tend to focus entirely on the game details, all projects featured on DOGI will also include a section about the team and developers. For too long, developers have been left in the shadows, it’s about time we shine some light on the creative talents behind the scenes, helping them get the recognition they deserve for creating the games you love.

Besides this, DOGI has established a capital fund for investment in highly promising teams or games, offering the funding injection to selected projects showing extraordinary team management, creative and talent consistency and determination in contributing to grow the entire cryptogame ecosystem.

To create a greatest repertoire of synergy, we will be looking to select global talents from the projects using our platform and help them grow to reach their fullest potential at our incubation facility in China! We can’t wait to help bring the next generation of talents to the world!

The Road Ahead

Oh, and did we mention that all of this is offered completely free of charge? Yes, you read that correctly. DOGI will not charge any commission or fee to list your crowdsale on our platform. Why, you might ask? DOGI has a genuine interest in building this industry up, and tapping the extraordinary potential within it. Harry Xiao, our founder, who founded Downjoy (one of the largest Android mobile gaming platforms in China) believes that blockchain technology is the future of gaming, and envisions a future where the blockchain gaming segments mimics the growth seen in the mobile gaming industry.

Looking ahead, DOGI encourages other crypto platforms, aggregators and other related parties to work together towards the new paradigm of gaming in the shared economy. We welcome investors, platforms and other entities to work with us to provide further capital infusions to worthwhile projects, and in doing so, help burgeoning developers and publishers reach their full potential.

To get read more on our blockchain project, go to or if you are ready, simply navigate to to begin your blockchain gaming adventure!


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