DOGI platform announces partnership with blockchain game developer Ether Dale

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4 min readOct 24, 2018


The game innovations platform DOGI has teamed up with Estonian game developer Ether Dale

October 25, 2018, San Francisco, California — (Discovery Of Game Innovations) platform is very excited to announce their partnership with Estonian based blockchain game developer Ether Dale. is a portal hosting quality games that are integrated with blockchain technologies and institute a true shared ownership with players via the decentralized token economics. It also is to build a set of sidechain protocols that would efficiently reduce the latency and thereby the GAS fee to solve the core problems facing the entire blockchain game industry. On DOGI, be it web, PC or mobile game or running on iOS or Google Play platform, developers launch their pre-sale of digital assets utilizing DOGI’s marketing and promotion strength in gaming communities and industry, while players can come to DOGI to discover these games worthy of their time to engage, play and enjoy.

The partnership with Ether Dale is synchronized with the beta launch of and will bring the upcoming mobile blockchain game Glitch Goons, into China’s fastest-growing blockchain users and communities with unsurpassed enthusiasm for blockchain based crypto games. With its core team’s experiences in building large-scale mobile/VR game platforms, DOGI is also set to expand the platform to players around the world seeking high-quality games in the trusted shared economy of blockchain based ecosystem. While games like Glitch Goons will be featured on the platform, DOGI currently offers free platform services with the option for the developers to independently handle the smart contracts and transactions, or to utilize DOGI’s facilitation of smart contract construction and deployment.

Glitch Goons is an ambitious blend of cyberpunk fighting game and multi-blockchain supported cryptocurrency, issuing its own ERC-20 based token called GameCoin (GC). Cybernetically enhanced animal-humanoid fighters battle each other automatically in a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere. The fighting in Glitch Goons is not based on manual skill, instead players must focus on managing their fighter’s equipment, skills and stats to be victorious.

The game’s pre-sale which began October 22nd and will run for 3 weeks, gives players the opportunity to purchase a variety of exclusive item packages that will not be duplicated or sold in the in-game shop once the pre-sale has finished. Each package contains five random but unique gear items, ranging in rarity from common to legendary. There are also 5 rare sets of unique items distributed throughout the pre-sale chests (Cosmic, Fusion, Crimson, Shining, and Ancient), When players equip their fighters with two or more items from the same rare set, they activate a set of bonus which enhances their fighter abilities.

Glitch Goons game is set to release in late November 2018. To learn more about Glitch Goons and the pre-sale visit

About DOGI

DOGI was founded in spring of 2018 by seasoned mobile game and mobile advertising entrepreneurs who have proven record of building one of the largest mobile game platforms and international experiences recognized globally. It has a cross-border team spread in US, China and Europe.

With a vision in firm beliefs that the blockchain technology is to reinvigorate the game industry to a new wave and a focus on helping the rising number of blockchain game developers and their community users, DOGI is positioned to bring the highly innovative and reliable game developers into the next growth stage by broadening their player base, refining the game design and delivering a solid production with proven go-to-market execution for the next funding phase.

While performing game discovery and recommendation to the players, DOGI offers platform functionality to developers including free services for their pre-sales of digital assets and marketing promotion, and in the near future, free use of SDK for sidechain development, third-party tools recommendation and assisting in fundraising.

To learn more about DOGI, visit at:

About Ether Dale

Ether Dale produces unique games, based on blockchain smart contract technology. The team currently consists of more than 20 specialists well-versed and experienced in all aspects of the video games industry. Ether Dale takes an innovative approach to the work, combining balanced game dynamics with user-friendly management of blockchain assets, effectively blurring the boundaries between an exciting game and a full-on financial instrument.

To learn more about Ether Dale and its products, visit at: