Malcolm Isaacs
Oct 3, 2017 · 2 min read

The future of app usage is social and collaborative. Messaging platforms are massively outperforming apps — growth is surging. Messaging platforms are maturing to offer more than the ability to connect with your friends.

As in China (see WeChat), we will soon have the ability to do a lot more inside of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage and Google Allo.

Let’s look at how Dogleg will work in group chats!

First off have you ever used a Facebook extension before?

Image result for facebook messenger  extension

Extensions are apps that can be used in a conversation. Tap the plus sign in Messenger and you will be met with a screen similar to the one above. Opening an extension opens a small webview that allows you to create and add something to a conversation.

So rather than communicate with an app or company directly you can add them to a chat with a friend or a group chat.

Spotify allows you to create a playlist together. OpenTable allows you to make a restaurant booking together. Kayak Travel allows you to vote on a favoured destination or activity.

What about Dogleg?

After you have setup your Dogleg profile, head to your group chat with friends and tap the blue plus sign.

With Dani the Doglegger in your conversation you can:

  • invite friends to your games or teams
  • encourage your friends to join Dogleg
  • create a team together

Perhaps you want to create different teams for different events or meetups? Sunday morning hackers club versus the low hookers? Join in a couple of taps. Create a game and share to your team in a couple of taps.

Organising your golf just got a whole lot easier with Dani.

Whether its the annual trip to Spain for some autumn golf or organising a four-ball for next weeks texas scramble, Dani will save you those endless chat conversations.


What works so well in a group chat environment is that the functions of joining teams or games all happen in a pop up window. This keeps notifications to a minimum — I mean nobody wants to open that group chat with 14 messages to catch up on!

Have fun using Messenger extensions — but whatever you do don’t share that 90’s playlist on Spotify!

Dogleg Golf

Dear golf industry — lets have a better conversation!

Malcolm Isaacs

Written by

Founder of Chatbot agency and golf professional

Dogleg Golf

Dear golf industry — lets have a better conversation!

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