Notification Burnout

Check out these popular quotes on Medium. Our constantly buzzing phones have created a problem.

“…left with a noisy, random, and border-line abusive user experience where notifications have become a tactic to steal our attention rather than enhance our lives.The fact that notifications are an unsustainable “hack” is becoming increasingly clear.
The most effective mobile notifications are finance related, fear related, or have some degree of FOMO (fear of missing out) in them. As such, companies are playing games to get us to pay attention.”

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Every single social media network’s growth and revenue depends on how frequently YOU check the screen. They hire neuroscientists and psychologists to understand our minds better so that the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ can be used to their advantage.

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In some of my other blogs the rise of messaging apps has been highlighted. Its subjective, but I think part of the attraction is the simplicity. There is no location tracking. No page loading. No advert spam. No useless gimmick.


With this knowledge going forward our plan is to always respect the user. We always want to put ourselves in our customers shoes.

Dogleg stands for a fast and intelligent experience. We want to offer something more powerful than traditional apps. Buzzing you incessantly for your attention is a sure turn off.


There are a few paths we may take. At a pre MVP stage I cannot say with 100% accuracy how this will apply as Facebook itself constantly evolves the Messenger platform.

Our plan is for internal notifications for the Dogleg Chat. Only once you go into a chat with Dani the Doglegger will you see that you have game requests or group replies.

Receive a regular daily digest. You can look forward to an evening update after work. No getting buzzed during an important meeting or while driving.

And Dani will be personal and friendly.

“Hey Malcolm. Just wanted to check in and let you know it’s been pretty chilled out on your profile today. With no replies to send why don’t you hit a couple extra balls at the range!?”

Envisage also a group chat. It can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes — especially those stag do groups with 40 people involved! Dogleg will not ping and vibrate with every comment. If you do not have Messenger open, Dani will wait until there is significant activity before contacting you.

“Wow, the HACKERS group is going nuts tonight! Three members are currently online now and have sent 30 messages in the last ten minutes. Want to check it out?”

The only analytic we are interested in is satisfaction. Is the quality of interaction high. We will not chase views or time spent in app. Sometimes great service is only one message long.


Check out the diagram below Slack apply to their notifications process! That is smart.

We envisage our AI learning about each individuals behaviour, interacting with you based on previous conversations, log in times and location.

But its going to take time to build this system. We have to be patient as we gather feedback and data in this awesome area of the messaging world.


Tell us what you think of notifications!

Are they a necessary evil?

Have you turned them off completely?

What notifications do you look forward to receiving?

Do you receive daily summary messages from any service?

Look forward to your replies!