#4 Why we change the name of our brand

The most important component in creating a successful brand is providing a good product, not the brand name itself.

One of the many mistakes I’ve done in other ventures is focus too much of my time on creating the company’s name and logo, which is useless if you don’t have a business. Based on that, we decided not to waste any time and instead start focusing our energy into the product.

We decided to name the company Junglos, as it had a personal meaning for me (here is the story if you are interested in reading it). Once we had our first books prepared, we tried to talk to as many customers as possible. Many gave us great feedback on how to improve the product, but almost all of them either wrote the name incorrectly, mispronounced it, or couldn’t even remember it. All were red flags.

Yes, you could argue that Nike, Uber, Twitter, and many other successful brands had the same problem in the beginning, and that time and hard work solved the problem. As we are just starting out, and only 500 people who have bought our books so far know us as Junglos (assuming they remember the name), we decided to change the brand name based on what would help us successfully achieve our purpose.

AllWithBooks is our new name!

It is our why, how, and what in a name (thanks Simon Sinek!).

Why: We believe a book can change the world, which is why we want to make books available to every child.

How: We build libraries in communities in need and give scholarships to their children with the sales of our products.

What: We make books.

AllWithBooks says our purpose, promise, and value to the customer. It delivers the message and, most importantly, is easy to remember! But it is useless if we don’t deliver a great product with the highest customer experience. Branding is the work we put into showing what the brand stands by, rather than the actual brand name.

We were already using #AllWithBooks in most of all our communications in social media, so naturally it was the best choice. We didn’t waste time on overthinking what the brand name should be, which meant we could continue to focus our energy into creating the best children’s book.

We changed it also with the idea that when you share this blog, and someone asks you what it is about, you can easily say, “It’s about how a company named AllWithBooks.com that is striving to make books available to every child by doing good first!” ; )

DoGoodFirst is a journey on how to build businesses that make the world a better place. Nothing is written in stone, and we know we are far away to making it fully right, but we are prepared to take the journey.

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#DoGoodFirst — With everything we do, we do good first.