SoCal CAN launches state-wide, student led campaign, Let’s Go to College California!

To learn more about Let’s Go to College CA, please visit:

About Us

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on students have been complex, profound, and widespread. Millions of students in our state are working hard to achieve their college dreams, and they should be able to focus their efforts on their studies, work, and families — NOT on struggling to find the right information and resources necessary to access and continue their education.

Let’s Go to College CA (Let’s Go) is a virtual resource hub for students navigating higher education, with a focus on the needs of underrepresented students across the state’s public higher-ed statements. Let’s Go provides support to students based on their lived experiences, concerns and life aspirations. It provides timely resources in the areas of evolving campus plans, financial aid, distance learning, mental health needs, transfer options, campus climate, academic tips and meeting administrative deadlines so that students can make informed decisions about their college plans. It is a growing community connected through social media, e-newsletters, and virtual programming that helps students engage and receive information.

Ultimately, the hub can help elevate student needs to motivate advocacy and generate improvements in how campuses, systems, and the state coordinate and respond to critical issues. Let’s Go is a project of the Southern California College Access Network, in partnership with higher education institutions, philanthropy and community organizations across the State of California. College Futures Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, and the California Community Foundation granted the funding to launch Let’s Go.

The primary objectives of Let’s Go to College CA are to:

Provide information and resources to college and college-bound students so they can make more informed decisions about how to access and continue their education.

Elevate the voices and experiences of students so that policymakers, education leaders, and others have a fuller understanding of the pandemic’s impact

Connect students to each other and encourage advocacy to improve how campuses, higher education segments and the state coordinate and respond to student needs

Our Supporters

Let’s Go To College CA was launched with the generous support of the College Futures Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, and the California Community Foundation. We are grateful for their partnership in supporting students on their college journeys during these turbulent times. This fast moving work is generating new opportunities to support students and the Let’s Go to College CA efforts. Interested in making a financial contribution?

Contact us at

Our Partners

Organizations and institutions can be a partner of Let’s Go to College CA. We are looking for partners to enrich and amplify this resource. There are two ways your organization can get involved: as a Content Provider or as an Outreach Partner. If you have content you would like to share with us and display on our website sign up as a content-provider. Outreach partners will help us reach as many students as possible via email campaigns and social media channels.

Sign-Up through our Partner Pledge




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