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Doha News is now under new management

It has been nearly a year since Qatar decided to censor Doha News.

Since then, we have worked hard to remain online and continue producing independent journalism, despite the blocking of our site.

But this has been financially difficult.

Faced with the prospect of shutting down Doha News, we have instead decided to bring a new owner on board who has the resources to carry on the legacy we’ve built over the last eight years.

Doha News will now be operated by Star Reputation Consulting Ltd., an online media company from India that said its goal is to promote “free and unbiased journalism.”

The group is seeking a new local partner and working to get the publication unblocked in Qatar.

We, the founders of Doha News, hope to once again see the publication growing and doing vital works of journalism in an all-too-challenging media environment.



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