Flying Man art sculptures installed at Qatar’s Hamad airport

The Flying Man by Dia al-Azzawi. Credit: Qatar Museums

Qatar’s airport has added two new sculptures to its public art collection that “celebrate traveling in the modern age.”

The Flying Man works by Iraqi artist Dia al-Azzawi have been set up in both the arrival and departure terminals of Hamad International.

In a statement, Qatar Museums said the art sits on “two tall cylinder sculptures inspired by the pillars that appeared in Mesopotamia, an ancient region, in the third century B.C.”

The Flying Man by Dia al-Azzawi. Credit: Qatar Museums

They were unveiled a few months after the launch of the artist’s retrospective exhibitions at the Arab Museum of Modern Art (Mathaf) and the Al Riwaq gallery off of the Corniche.

‘I am the cry’

The retrospective, titled I am the cry, who will give voice to me? will run for five months until April 17, 2017. It is free and open to the public.

It includes paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints that chart the 50-year career of the modernist artist. Some of the items are being put on public display for the first time.

Al-Azzawi also has a carousel installation, Enchanted East, that launched at the MIA Park this summer.

The merry-go-round at the MIA Park. Credit: Qatar Museums

Also a functioning children’s ride, it features 40 designed animal “seats” that are inspired by the Museum of Islamic Art’s permanent collection.


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