El Salvador: Businesses as Normal Despite Zika Outbreak

El Salvador is strategically located in Central America. Companies operating in the country can easily access the US, South America, Central America and Caribbean markets.

However, in the wake of Zika virus spreading across Latin America and the Caribbean, entrepreneurs residing in the areas should be more careful, especially the wives and pregnant women.

The Salvadorian Ministry of Health reported that an estimated 7,138 cases of Zika were detected in the past 2 months. In order to keep the virus from spreading, the government has encouraged people to follow the safety guidelines, from water treatment, the use of window screens, fogging and area sprays, to the use of mosquito-eating fish.

Although the government is keeping a close watch on sanitary conditions, potential travelers, including new entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting business in El Salvador, may be discouraged to visit the country.

As a solution, new entrepreneurs are advised to hire a professional agency to handle all the administration matters. “We can register a business in El Salvador or other American countries on behalf of our Clients. This is a premium service where our Clients are not required to travel”, claimed Healy Consultants.

Healy Consultants also advises that the tourism sector may not be the best business idea at the moment. Although the hotels and restaurants in tourist spots are given certificate by the government for being free from the Zika virus, travelers may remain wary.

Instead, establishing a manufacturing company in El Salvador is a better option for international investors. Due to the free trade agreement signed with Central American countries, Dominican Republic and the US, traded commodities from and to these countries are free from custom duties.

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