Raise Awareness of Green Internet

Nowadays, we use internet most of the times. We update status on Facebook and post photos on Instagram. We “Skype” with friends and families. We “Google” for information. We listen to music and stream videos. We shop at Amazon or Ebay. We blog opinions and thoughts. And we are reading this now, using the internet.

But, are you aware that you are contributing to global warming and air pollution by not using the internet wisely? Many companies still host their servers in “dirty” data centers, where the energy is generated from coal, gas or nuclear power, producing carbon dioxide.

While companies can’t afford to build solar farms or purchase wind energy for private data centers like Apple did, there are growing options to choose data center service providers that are committed to use natural, renewable sources.

Green Data Centers

Iceland and Norway are popular places for building data centers that do not pollute at all due to the Nordic climate and the primary source of electricity.

Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global, claimed that his facility in Iceland uses 100% renewable energy generated from dual sources, geothermal and hydroelectric. On the other hand, Green Mountain in Norway use the cold water from deep Norwegian fjords and mountain lakes as a solution for cooling without using energy.

Data centers in Iceland and Norway are suitable for American and European companies because multiple fiber cables connecting these countries have been installed.

Why Iceland?

The Minister of Industries and Innovation in Iceland said that she welcomes Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, or Facebook to open data centers in the country as part of their renewable energy commitment.

In order to make Iceland as data haven, under The Regional Incentives Act 41/2015, various incentives are offered for investments in all regions outside the capital area, include:

  • Reduced income tax rate of 15% for 10 years;
  • Exemption from customs duties and excise duties on importation or domestic purchase of construction materials, machinery and equipment, and other capital goods, as well as spare parts for the building of the investment project and the operation thereof

Beside a data center, the Icelandic government offers a 20% reimbursement of all cost associated with producing a film or TV program in the country. Iceland’s varied landscapes have made appearances in Game of Thrones, Batman Begins, and Noah.