“How do you take your spiritual side to work? Do you take your ‘whole-self’ to work or your ‘work-self’ to work?”

A very accomplished business leader and now a friend asked me this question last week. As i write this, i have mixed feelings of whether i am worthy of answering such a profound question and at the same time be careful of not belittling myself — ‘ego’ sometimes masquerades as ‘humility’.

An Integrated View of Life

The theory of Ayurveda

Corruption of Ayurveda

What does an ‘Integrated View of Life’ mean to me

Whole Self or Work Self

What are the dilemmas that leaders face?

  1. We are expected to put out our best/strong side forward while leaving all our our frailties behind at home
  2. OR we’re expected to carry our humanism to work as well as opposed to leaving it at home — this basically points towards leaders taking tough business decisions which sometimes may come in the path of humanist ideals and make us look ‘shrewd’ and ‘heartless’

What does it mean for humans to ‘grow’ — emotionally, mentally…?

From the ‘Tao Te Ching’

Back to — ‘An Integrated View of Life’

I live by the Vedic/Yogic/Hindu story of Life

Back to — ‘An Integrated View of Life’

My Theory of Life



When you do the right things, right things happen to you

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Rahul Dewan

Hindu, Meditator, Yoga, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Free Markets, Open Source