Just like human-beings every business goes through stages of life from birth to death (or rebirth)

An attempt to dispel negative narratives around M&As

Every business goes through four phases of a life cycle: startup, growth, maturity and renewal/rebirth or decline

Decline & Death OR Renewal & Rebirth

  1. Succession planning with the family
  2. Sale of the business to a larger entity (or a PE firm)
  3. An IPO on the stock exchange

But what about brands losing their identity as part of M&A?

Businesses have a responsibility beyond their founders

In Conclusion

During the peak of their construction in 735AD these idols of the Devi must have been masterpieces. Like everything that is born or created these ‘murtis’ are going through disuse and decline.



When you do the right things, right things happen to you

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Rahul Dewan

Hindu, Meditator, Yoga, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Free Markets, Open Source